Sami Abdul Aziz Jaffer has always been an individual with amazing foresight. Additionally, he has the analytical and practical skills that have enabled him to realize his dream and aspiration. These qualities have helped to develop Sami Abdul Aziz Jaffer Group in to one of the most reputed business houses in the Sultanate of Oman. The pace at which the organization has grown is an indication of the phenomenal business acumen of H.E. Sami Abdul Aziz Jaffer who is the Chairman and owner of the Group.
A History of Responding to Oman's Needs
The growing eminence of the Jaffer Abdul Rahim Group is linked with the resurgence of the Sultanate of Oman.
Founded in 1921 by Mr. Jaffer Abdul Rahim, in the early years in business centered primarily around trading in essential commodities with neighboring centers.
The business committed right through the fifties when simultaneously, a separate company known as Abdul Aziz Jaffer Group was formed and afterwards started Sami Abdul Aziz Jaffer Group.